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Custom Built Personal Computers

custom personal computer

Custom built personal computers by ATBS utilize only the highest quality parts. Built to specification, these computers are customized to be suited for your application. Eliminate the frustration of failure due to inferior quality parts. With a "clean install" of the operating system and software your ATBS PC does not ship with unnecessary software and the confusion and clutter that result. ATBS machines do not have all of those annoying "free trials" and support helper applications that mostly get in the way and pop up when you are focused and working on other things. - your work.

ATBS will consult with you in order to customize the computer to your work requirements. Choose Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Linux desktop. Specify the software you need to get up and running and we'll install it.

We will also work with you to transfer all of your data and settings so that you don't miss a beat and get up an running fast.