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Custom Software Solutions

We can customize software applications to your needs. Database driven, simple user interface - never overcomplicated!

Custom software packages include Windows based applications delivered on CD-ROM complete with an installer to make deployment a snap!

Please contact ATBS for consulting, details and specifics.

XML Events Writer for Web Pages

XML Events version 2 - created for Web site 'events' pages

Ouputs an XML file for use on client Web sites (example here) and a text file for use in copying and pasting to other publications.

Highlights include:

  • Simple user interface
  • Calendar control
  • Fully maintainable database
  • Recurring events
  • Selectable date range file output
  • Database purging
  • FTP to the server
  • Online help
  • Autorun CD installer front-end

The autorun CD installer front-end.

The application help.

HTML Writer

HTMLWriter version 1

Web page content management editor.

Maintain your web content - as easily as using a word processor.

Allows a user to modify the body (content) of a Web page without affecting the structure of the page i.e. menu, top banner, etc.

Highlights include:

  • Simple user interface
  • Maintains a live page instantaneously
  • Edit a working draft until ready for upload
  • Full formatting capabilities
  • Add links and images
  • Online help
  • Autorun CD installer front-end