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Computer, Networking and Web Services

Applied Technology Business Services, LLC provides Web development and Web hosting services, computer repair, consultation, installation, support and training services to small business and home office users.

Contact us for packaged software applications installation, implementation, training and support services as well as programs customized to your business process.

Applied Technology Business Services, LLC takes on your technology concerns so that you can concentrate on using your technology instead of supporting it!

Do you need help with your computer? Our services include new and custom-built computers, wired and wireless networking, hardware and peripherals, laptop repair, software, Spyware and Virus removal, system recovery, data recovery, upgrades, and repair. On-site, or pick-up and drop-off services.

  • Laptop / notebook lcd screen repair
  • Resolve strange computer problems
  • Repair hard drive crashes
  • Get nonprinting printers to print
  • Help you connect to the internet
  • Virus removal
  • Spyware removal
  • Install virus and spyware security protection
  • Provide one-on-one training
  • Connect home or office wireless networks
  • Secure networks from intruders
  • Assess home or office computer security threats
  • Help protect and back up important data
  • Perform system checkups and maintenance
  • Bring your computer up-to-date
  • Custom built computers
  • Servers

Our clients range from professional offices, including law, real estate and finance, manufacturing and utilities, religeous organizations, as well as home users. We perform services, installation and repair on personal computers and laptops as well as office workstations, servers and networks. We can help you better utilize existing equipment and customize solutions for better security, efficiency and productivity.

Our service area in New Jersey includes Union County, Essex County, Bergen County, Passaic County, Hudson County, Morris County, Sussex County, Hunterdon County, Middlesex County, and Ocean County.


Network your home or office to share printers, Internet access, storage and files. ATBS can assist with home or small office wired or wireless networking. Share folders, data, backup devices, internet connectivity, printers or other peripherals.

We can set up wireless and wired networks, securely. Use your network to share resources. Install a network storage disk drive for easy and secure files and folder backups. Too many people still lose important files, photos, music and data because they don't back up properly or often enough. Don't be one of those people! Install a network storage device so that all of your home or office users have a secure and easy place to back up their files.

ATBS has handled small and large networks from 2 to 250 users, implementing workgroup networking and domains.


Can your business benefit from Web marketing? We offer professional Web site design and development. We also provide full service Web hosting.

Use your own domain name and add customized email addresses of your choosing. Broaden your business market exposure and take advantage of convenient features such as Web based email. To view our portfolio of successful Web projects, click the animation on the right. ATBS projects include single page sites, online catalogues consisting of hundreds of pages and e-commerce solutions. We can develep sites that include content that you can update yourself!

Web Services include:

  • Domain Registration
  • Hosting
  • Site Design
  • Site Management
  • Graphics / Animations
  • Static & Dynamic Content
  • Client / Server Scripting
  • Cookies
  • Forms
  • eCommerce
  • Intranet
  • Database Connectivity

We offer Web Development services including site design, planning and execution. Our capabilities range from custom graphics and animations, e-commerce, content management systems, forms, email newsletters, PDFs and multimedia slide shows, audio and video.

We offer full service Web Development including domain name registration and web hosting packages with capabilities that include database connectivity, email lists, web-based email, and more!

Content management features enable you to update content within your site at your convenience. The following are examples of dynamic pages that you control: a Web photo gallery, an integrated schedule of events, a more robust full page schedule of events (using our Windows desktop application xmlWriter). For more complete control over page content, use our HTMLWriter application, which allows you WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editing of page content. An HTMLWriter demonstration page is available here.


Software installation, development and training. Packaged applications or custom programming. We can help with most major software applications or if you have a specific need that's not being met, we can write custom desktop programs.

ATBS can install and/or provide help with Antivirus, anti-spyware and other security software. We can install and assist with common Windows applications like email programs, Microsoft Office, scheduling and time management programs, accounting applications. We can provide back up solutions to protect your data, pictures, and files.

We can also custom program Windows desktop applications to meet specific needs. You can view examples of our custom programming here.

New - ATBS features Dekart Private Disk disk encryption software. Protect data and files on pocket drives, thumb drives, flash drives, USB drives, CDs and DVDs with powerful AES encryption. See our Private Disk page.


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